Coke Ice House Superstructure

Structure engineering & fabrication, event logistics & festival site production.

Going Big in Texas.

Evolve was hired by Coca-Cola’s agency, Momentum, to engineer, fabricate and produce Coke’s marquee Ice House superstructure that premiered at the 2022 Houston Rodeo Livestock Show & Rodeo. The four (4) container superstructure incorporates a serving bar, an apparel customization pop-up shop, a gaming area, multiple rooftop lounge areas and a dynamic light bridge that connects upper deck seating areas. Following a preliminary site check, we designed & engineered a decking & stair solution that addressed a large sloping ground condition at the event site, creating a grand entrance into the footprint. It's back in use in 2023 with appearances at the Final Four and Houston Texans home games. We also launched a 'mini' version of the Icehouse that we transport to music festivals across the country.