Basil Hayden Michelin Bistro Bar

Pop-up production design & engineering, fabrication, event logistics & festival site production.

A Luxury Pop-Up Bistro

Evolve was hired by Beam Suntory brand experience agency, Gradient, to engineer, fabricate and operate a 20'x20' intricately detailed serving bar for Basil Hayden bourbon. Part general public bar, part private VIP bistro, this ultra premium brand environment was built with dozens of materials, featured across the custom built cabinetry, fixtures, serving bars, serving surfaces, signage and decor elements that make up this magnificent pop-up. This build used every inch and aspect of our fabrication practice to achieve the elaborate Gradient-designed pop-up environment. An integrated hidden back-of-house provides space for specialty caterers to prepare their Michelin-inspired dishes that get paired with signature Basil Hayden cocktails. Lower serving bar sections are fabricated from outdoor rated ACX and finished in wood grain laminate. Curved corners are adorned with brass accents throughout, framing twin wall polycarbonate inserts that give the feel of real fluted vintage glass windows. A routed faux metal Basil Hayden insignia and copper belt that replicating the features found on the actual product adorns the bar header. Curved alloy tubing powder coated in brass and wrapped in greenery provide a comforting overhead canopy for VIP guests. The bar structure is bolted to a heavy steel flooring system ensuring a level surface across a variety of event site conditions. Evolve also handles transportation, logistics and on-site production for this touring gem.