Kohnstamm Communications

Beech-Nut Tiny Home

Concepting, fabrication management, sample warehousing & pick-and-pack fulfillment, event contracting, tour operations, data capture management and driver/field production staffing.


In 2018, Beech-Nut set out on a mission to educate parents of babies and toddlers on the importance real food plays in the development of healthy and happy children. We worked with Beech-Nut's PR & advocacy agency to bring their naturals and organic foods to families across the country in a tiny-home trailer that opens into a warm and inviting kitchen. Parents and babies are served samples from the Beech-Nut portfolio at the kitchen island and then they are invited to hang out and play in our interactive playground. Over two years of touring, we safely operated at over 100 events and engaged over 500,000 families.